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Thursday, 17 November 2016 | Thursday, November 17, 2016 | 0Comment

Hello and hi readers (I don’t think that I have a readers, sadlife)

It’s been a long time I didn’t post anything here. I’m quite busy for now, tomorrow and until the day I die (sigh bcs no more time to play around). For next two month I’m gonna be officially nineteen and rip to my self bcs never alert with the surrounding, hahahahahahahaha. Sometimes I feel wanna go back to the past and says to myself “pls enjoy your teenage life bcs its fvcking fun tho” after this when you end your school life especially, you will spend less time with your family bcs you need to further your study to the highest one. The chronology is like this, you will get your diploma, degree and then your master.
Yes I know it’s hard to archive it bcs know I’m struggling to get my diploma in mechatronic technology engineering and it is so fvcking hard to pass it, I admit it bcs I can say that I feel so lazy to study and always do my assignment last minute (it’s not good okay, sebab you’ll suffer. Hahahahaha you need to stay up or you will never get an enough sleep and rest. I feeeeeel it now) but truly, bila dekat class you’ll feel very sleepy but bila dah balik bilik rasa mengantuk yang macam nak mmps tadi hilang sekelip mata. Tapi untuk aku jarang-jarang lah aku rasa segar bila balik bilik, lepastu Nampak katil memang kirim salam jelah jawapnya hohohohohohohoho.
As conclusion, enjoylah you all punya student life. Sungguh aku cakap, belajar ni best. If you belajar luar dari negeri yang you all duduk lagi best sebab you all boleh discover all the beautiful places there, trust me. Memang pada awalnya rasa berat terutamanya for who those yang tak pernah duduk asrama or pisah dari parents but bila you all dah boleh adapt dengan surrounding sini, friends pun okay you will enjoy it! Jadi hakak nak pesan ni, tolonglah belajar rajin-rajin. Kalau taknak buat untuk diri sendiri, pls fikirkan parents tu. Depa support ampa tau!